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Good design is more than aesthetics. It’s context.

Design is a visual solution that lives within the context of a larger framework and must be appreciated as such.

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Jim Farley talks Mach-e and the future of Connectivity at Ford on “Kidd in a Sweet Shop”

A really fascinating and far-reaching discussion between Ford CEO Jim Farley and auto YouTuber Jodie Kidd. They talk extensively about Jim's background leading to his role at Ford. Much of the interview takes in a Mach-e tooling about the English countryside where they chat about the electrified Mustang, the future of electric vehicles and the future at Ford. One of the more important take aways from the interview was this:

"For the next generation of products, we're going to in-source [the software development]. Ever line of code—from Ford. All the control of the vehicle—in-house. All the sourcing of the technology...all the way down to Silicon, we go direct to the producers of those technologies. That's a big story for a car company." — Jim Farley