The Concept
Brooklyn collaborative Mason Jar Music and singer/songwriter Josh Garrels approached me about creating a special edition boxed set for "The Sea In Between," a full-length documentary film they were producing. It was being filmed on Mayne Island, British Columbia.
The music had been released on Josh's album "Love & War & The Sea In Between" the previous year. It is an album that tells the story of a pilgrim at sea, based roughly on Ulysses.
My concept was to create a lost keepsake as if the owner had traveled to one of Josh's concerts 50-60 years prior and this box of memories was then found by someone. So, I began to explore what that backstory might be, settling on a branded cigar box which contained a treasure trove full of souvenirs. I wanted it to feel as if it was discovered these many decades later in the back of a closet or in an old trunk.

Original thumbnail presentation

The Direction
I spent several weeks researching travel and packaging design from the 1940s–1960s, deciding to create an eclectic collection of items. The cigar box would contain a folded poster that was a concert notice on one side and a travel map of Mayne Island on the other; a 12-set of photo postcards from the shooting of the documentary, bound with a printed bellyband; 2 DVDs designed to look like Viewmaster discs in sleeves;  and a download ticket.
Early Design Exploration

To resemble an old film box

Bound postcard book concept

The Finished Product

Cigar Box lid

Box was lined on the inside with scans from Josh's lyric notebook


Concert Poster/Travel Map
The DVDs

DVD Sleeve front

DVD full sleeve

Download "ticket"

Photos © Sasha Arutyunova

Bellyband for Postcards

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