Senior-level creative professional providing award-winning design and marketing services to business, media, and entertainment for over 20 years.
I am focused on delivering excellent ideas that serve to achieve my client's business goals. I have had the pleasure of supporting a wide assortment of clients in their design and marketing objectives. Whether it's promoting books to bestseller status, helping celebrities increase their social media footprint, or developing campaigns for new product launches, I enjoy learning with clients to develop creative and practical solutions that bring results.

In addition to being a creative leader, I am an entrepreneur who has started businesses in design and software development. Working in these ventures has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge-base, manage small teams of gifted people, and be "hands-on" all aspects of each business. My latest startup was an entertainment-tech firm where I helped to grow the business from idea to market. I enjoy collaboration with others, and I believe there is something to be learned from any team member—from interns to C-level. Moreover, it's fun to be able to share and teach with them as well.
Skills: Print Design, UI/UX Design, Typography, Social Media, Copywriting
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, Wordpress, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, with a working understanding of CSS and HTML
Focus: Creative Direction, Design, Branding & Identity, Marketing Strategies, Advertising, Corporate Communications
EM: chris@tobiasdesign.com  PH: (248) 933-2477
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